We offer our clients the highest standard in access solutions with safety as our prime directive


Cork Scaffolding (CSC) Ltd offers its clients a high standard in access solutions with safety as its prime directive. We always pay very close attention to active safety regulations in the construction industry whether it is to build temporary scaffolding structures or semi-permanent scaffolding structures which undergo repeated mechanical and dynamic stresses; our safety officer will ensure that all industry standards and regulations are met and maintained.

We have achieved numerous awards from our clients for excellence in safety and performance of accident free construction. At Cork Scaffolding (CSC) Ltd we ensure greater safety and reliability to improve work quality, therefore reducing downtime.


All Scaffolding designs are carried out by experienced Structural Engineers, are fully insured and carried out in accordance with the codes of practise. That is why many of Cork Scaffolding (CSC) Ltd clients return time after time for a dedicated, efficient and trusted response to some of their complex access solutions.

Some of our services by sector:

  • Pharmaceutical/Bio
  • Power Industry
  • Commercial
  • Civil

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